Cornerstone Lodge


“Best place ever! God is awesome in this place!” (SH)

“We had an amazing time…Bob and LaDonna showed lots of love and hospitality…Place is beautiful!”  JH

”Had a wonderful time being ministered to.” AB

“Amazing!  Thank you so much for your hospitality.” CM

“Love it here!”  ~CG

“Such a beautiful place with beautiful servants!” ~HT

“Awesome facility!  Incredible food!” ~TH

“Blessed time.”  ~CG

“We had a lovely, restful, contemplative, restorative and healing time!  Thank you for your prayers and hospitality.” ~BM & MH

“We had such a refreshing and wonderful time. It was great to get out of town and go to a place where we were well taken care of.  Warm hospitality, delicious food and a comfortable, peaceful place was just what we needed.” ~MS & JS

“This was a great week in our marriage and in our ministry adventure!” ~AM

“Warm & inviting surrounding. It’s a true retreat!”  ~B

“We had such a wonderful time. The fellowship was refreshing, the porch was relaxing and the meals were delicious. Thank you for your gift of encouragement and renewal.”  ~RW & CW